Changes and revisions, 10.6.9 to 10.7

FCP 10.7 has been released, and now requires macOS Ventura at a minimum. The book will be updated soon to include information on these new features:

A scrolling timeline

Turn this on in Settings, and the playhead will move to the middle of the Timeline pane while the edit scrolls beneath it. A long-requested and useful feature. One sneaky tip: if you want to quickly turn this on and off, assign a shortcut to “Timeline Scrolling”.

Video Roles can be shown in colour

expand a clip’s audio or choose Show Audio Lanes in the Timeline Index, and you can now see the colour of a Video Role as well as its Audio Role.

Collapse to Connected Storyline

similar to the older Overwrite to Primary Storyline command, but the selected clips end up in a connected storyline instead. Useful to organise your b-roll clips, but don’t use it on Titles or picture-in-picture clips.

Object Tracking improvements

The ML model for object tracking has been updated on Apple silicon Macs. Your mileage may vary; this feature has always been pretty good for me, but occlusion should be handled more elegantly now.

Faster exporting on Max and Ultra chips

Turn on Allow Export Segmentation when exporting to compressed formats for a 10-15% speed boost, and maybe more on longer exports.

Here’s a longer article I wrote for ProVideoCoalition with more information, a free short video course I made for macProVideo, and the official Apple release notes.