Changes and revisions, 10.6.2 to 10.6.8

While there have been many small changes since 10.6.2, most of the new features were introduced with version 10.6.6. They include:

Final Cut Pro for iPad import

You can now import projects created in the new Final Cut Pro for iPad, and finish them on Mac. Note that you cannot send projects from Mac to iPad — at least, not yet.

Automatic color management

You can now easily use SDR clips in an HDR project, or HDR clips in an SDR project. The new Color Conform section at the bottom of the Video Inspector allows you to use Automatic mode for a quick fix, or choose from a full selection of options in Manual mode.

The Color Adjustments effect

This new module provides several slider-based ways to correct color, and it’s especially useful with HDR clips. It’s also the only color correction option in FCP for iPad, so you may encounter it on imported timelines.

Scene Removal Mask effect

This is like a smart “difference keyer”, and to use it effectively you’ll have to shoot a clean background plate at the start or end of your shot. Make sure your background is clean, and that the camera doesn’t move, and you can get good results — though you’ll still want to use a green-screen for the most reliable results.

All these features are covered in the latest Second Edition of the book. For a PDF update, join the Discord and register your purchase.